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Washed Up
Viknaslodir or deserted inlets are a feature of walking trails in the East Fiordland of Iceland and based on lone farms, accessable from the sea, that were abandoned mostly in the 1930s and 1940s. Our walk took us to Brunavik where the farm was abandoned in 1944 with the ruined buildings still visible. On this lonely beach I saw these small pieces of seaweed making pleasing patterns. The weather was damp, light was flat and time was limited. I shot this series fairly quickly. The composition was done at the time of taking, no PHOTOSHOP tweaking or editing. I believe these images (either singly or in collections of 4,6,8) need to be seen just as they were. Natural subject matter on natural backgrounds. There were a few items of man-made rubbish also washed up on the beach which I did not photograph ... except the light bulb and one shoe.




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