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There is a time of year and a special place where I get confirmation that summer is here. The time is late mid-May and then place is Brampton Woods just off the A1 in Cambridgeshire. The occasion is the full bloom of bluebells in Brampton Woods in a beautiful natural setting of ancient woodland.

We often get the successions of flowers that I remember from my youth as we mentally tick off the months until summer and LONG school holidays.

First in early spring come the snowdrops, followed in their turn by primroses and cowslips … but the harbinger of long warm summer days is lets to the bluebell.

The unique blue colour can fade in full bloom and even in full day-light. Best time to see and record them is early morning.

The traditional bluebell is under threat from non-native foreign invaders – the so called “Spanish bluebell”.

I have been told that photographically bluebells have a reputation of being difficult to capture effectively especially the “colour“. This was true with conventional film but the digital era this may be less a critical restriction.

The set here ”bluebell impressions” are formed to give a coloration akin to Monet and the motion effects were in-camera based on movement of the camera during exposure.




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